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Filière Batterie Bécancour
Project under study - Strengthening the network to 230 kV to supply the Bécancour Industrial and Port Park

Discover Filière Batterie Bécancour,
unique and connected to the future

An unprecedented and innovative project, Filière Batterie Bécancour will allow Quebec to become a world leader in the electric vehicle ecosystem by creating a complete supply chain for the production of electric batteries right here in Bécancour. A green, sustainable and visionary initiative!

Today, in the fight against climate change, energy transition, GHG reduction, and decarbonization, a new chapter has started in Bécancour.

"The momentum that is being built here is tremendous! Being recognized as a development engine by organizations of this size fills us with pride and increases our optimism for the future."
Donald Olivier, Chairman and Chief Executive of Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour
"The successful integration of Filière Batterie Bécancour is the result of the work and determination of our stakeholders in the field, and the mobilization of everyone was essential to this success."
Lucie Allard, mayor of the city of Bécancour

Filière Batterie Bécancour
A Team Effort

Filière Batterie Bécancour

At the Heart of the Action

As one of the largest industrial parks in Canada with its 7,000 hectares, the Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour (SPIPB) is actively involved in the development of Filière Batterie Bécancour.

It coordinates relations with all stakeholders, while carrying out work to build infrastructures to serve the land dedicated to the project. A key role at a time when the SPIPB is embarking on the most important transformation project in its history!

SPIPB - Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour

A Mobilized

Firmly committed to the development of the battery industry, the city of Bécancour is mobilizing the various socio-economic players in its territory to make this ambitious project a real success.

It is also creating a synergy between the stakeholders, businesses, and citizens in order to implement concrete actions to ensure the human and sustainable development of its territory. Together, we have what it takes to make the battery industry in Bécancour a success story!

Ville de Bécancour