The battery industry

What is the battery development strategy?

What is the battery development strategy?

A flagship strategy of the Quebec government, the battery industry focuses on investment in the local manufacture of electric vehicles battery components.

Quebec has everything it takes to become the hub:

  • An abundance of critical and strategic minerals
  • Clean and renewable energy
  • Recognized expertise in research and development
  • A strategic location in the North American electric vehicle market
  • And much more!

The battery industry is growing steadily, opening doors to a global market with a sustainable and equitable vision for a carbon-neutral future.

10 G$
in investments in Quebec
+ 60
companies involved in this transformation
direct jobs in Bécancour and up to 5,000 jobs associated with this industry
The goal is to attract investors to mine and process minerals in Quebec and to play a global leadership role in the electric vehicle ecosystem - a green and growing industry.

The steps involved in manufacturing an electric car battery


Due to its enviable geographic location, Quebec has a subsoil rich in strategic minerals, such as lithium, nickel, graphite, and cobalt.


Quebec companies are developing and managing major mining projects to extract minerals in a sustainable manner. The minerals are then transported by boat to the Port of Bécancour or by rail, already established in the Industrial Park.

Battery materials

Local companies, mainly located in the SPIPB Industrial Park, conduct a first transformation of battery minerals.

Battery components

The manufacturing of battery components is done by specialized companies, integrated in an innovative business environment.

Research and development

With more than 850 patents and 40 companies involved in research and development, Quebec is a leader in research on the development of batteries for electric cars.


Quebec will now play a role in the manufacture of electric batteries using minerals and components, thanks to numerous international trade agreements and direct access to more than 65% of North American battery cell plants.


Quebec has the skilled workforce and infrastructure to ensure the creation of a supply chain for the raw materials needed to produce batteries for electric vehicles.


Due to the geographic proximity of collection infrastructures, the recovery of raw materials is possible at competitive costs.


In an effort to reduce its environmental footprint, Quebec is encouraging the recycling of batteries at the end of their life. The province has the technology to recycle 95% of battery materials for reuse.

Why Bécancour?

A strategic North American location

A strategic North American location

Bécancour's key geographic location makes it the gateway to an exceptional market of more than 100 million consumers within a radius of barely 1,000 km.

A well-established industrial park

A well-established industrial park

With close to 7,000 hectares of land with a high load-bearing capacity, the Bécancour Industrial Park is one of the largest in Canada.

A world-class deep-water port

A world-class deep-water port

Open 12 months a year, the Port of Bécancour can simultaneously accommodate up to five large-capacity merchant ships.

Direct access for the transportation of goods

Direct access for the transportation of goods

The Port of Bécancour's privileged access to road, rail, and air networks gives it a leading role in the industrial and manufacturing development of North America.

A dynamic and welcoming community

A dynamic and welcoming community

Bécancour is modern and well-aware of its new position at the heart of the development of green energy. The population and business community are committed and ready to welcome this major project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I consult the jobs available in the various plants affiliated with the battery industry in Bécancour?

Many companies are currently recruiting in Bécancour. You can consult the offers in the sections related to the jobs of each of the companies of the territory in the SPIPB directory.

I am a supplier, or a subcontractor and I would like to make my services known to companies in the battery industry in Bécancour. Who should I contact?

We cannot provide specific contacts. We therefore invite you to consult the contact information of companies in the territory in the SPIPB directory.

You can also request that your company be listed in the supplier database for major projects/battery industry. To do so, contact Ann Miller at 418 659-1550, ext. 2896 or at 1 800 667-2386, ext. 2896 or Marie-Christine Tessier-Laplante at 418 659-1550, ext. 2433 or at 1 800 667-2386, ext. 2433 or send an email to

I represent a company wishing to establish itself in Bécancour. Who should I contact to begin the process?

Major industries:
Société du parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour (SPIPB)
819 294-6656

Stores, businesses and contractors:
Direction du développement économique - Ville de Bécancour
Julie Boulet, manager
819 294-6500

Are there any training programs directly related to electric battery development?

The Cégep de Victoriaville and Cégep de Drummondville will be offering, as of the fall 2023 session, new attestations of college studies (AEC) specializing in instrumentation, automation and control, as well as in chemical analysis of lithium.

This new training offer in Bécancour will be expanded over time, with the goal of developing programs with a more general focus.

You can consult the complete list of training institutions in the Bécancour region here.

I want to discover the Bécancour area and its tourist attractions. Where should I start my search?

In Bécancour, there is no limit to the number of possibilities. There are many experiences to be had, all of which are like little jewels! The local flavor, the nobility of the river, the warm welcome, and preserved nature always leave a strong impression. Discover it with us here.

What is the meaning of Filière Batterie Bécancour logo and brand image?

Filière Batterie Bécancour logo is inspired by the B in the city of Bécancour's logo, to emphasize its roots in the community.

In addition to this strong formal symbolic anchor, the logo adds a dose of positive and new energy, thanks to the lightning bolt it proudly carries, combined with the blue of the St. Lawrence and Quebec, as well as the green of Bécancour, also synonymous with the environment and sustainable development.