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Episode 0


Over the next few months, four episodes will be shared on the battery industry's website. Listeners will have the chance to immerse themselves in the history of SPIPB and will be able to deepen their knowledge on the subject. The episodes are broken down as follows:

Episode 1: The Industrial Revolution (1960-1970)
Episode 2: The Economic Revolution (1980-1990)
Episode 3: The Social Revolution (2000-2010)
Episode 4: The Energy Revolution (2020 to present)

Episode 1

The Industrial Revolution (1960-1970)

Mr. Maurice Richard, former Mayor of Bécancour (1979-1985 and 1995-2012), former Member of Parliament for Nicolet-Yamaska (1985-1994) and former President and CEO of the SPIPB (2012-2022) takes you back to the 1960s and 1970s. Happy listening!

Episode 2

The Economic Revolution (1980-1990)

Mr. Maurice Richard, former mayor of Bécancour (1979-1985 and 1995-2012), former member for Nicolet-Yamaska (1985-1994) and former CEO of the SPIPB (2012-2022); Mr. Jean-Guy Dubois, former mayor of Bécancour (1986-1995 and 2013-2021), tells you about their experiences between 1980 and 1990. Good listening!

Episode 3

The Social Revolution (2000-2010)

In the 3rd episode, Jean-Guy Dubois and Maurice Richard describe the fluctuations of these two decades, marked by a major conflict that slowed down the prosperity of the regional economy. Learn how the City of Bécancour and the SPIPB teams were able to stay the course. Happy listening!